Creative Goal Setting

Goal Setting for Aritsts

Last year my goals were all about big, bold flower paintings using acrylic paint.

Then in December 2018 I switched to oil paint and decided I wanted to try still life subjects on smaller canvases.

I can feel the shift.  My output has slowed down and I find painting more stressful than relaxing.  The learning curve is real.  Suddenly my goals that were so clearly defined have become a big foggy mess.  So I’ve decided to be kind to myself.  I have two, possibly three painting workshops to attend for February and March.  I’ll attend these and then reassess at the beginning of April.  I’ll still paint when I feel it’s a joy rather than a chore, and in the meantime, I’m cleaning up my website. In the past whenever I work on my website my painting falls behind and vice-versa so this feels like a good time to switch gears.

How do you set your creative goals?  Are they set in stone or are they open to change?  Drop a comment below and let me know.