How do you Re-energize?

Painting the Secret Garden - How do you Re-energize

Until this evening I hadn’t painted for two whole weeks. That’s a long time for me. But it’s okay. I’m not bored or blocked or down and blue. In fact, I feel the exact opposite. I’m happy and excited to rekindle some past hobbies and interests. It started with yoga which my sister is into too so we’ve had fun discussing what poses we can and can’t do and then it went to herbal teas and kitchari making and then somehow it made it’s way to Bach Flower Remedies and before I knew it I’d dug out all my old flower essence books and signed up for an online class. I wasn’t really looking for more screen time. After a day of work at the computer I’m happy to switch off but I switch it up with reading actual physical text books. I’m an all or nothing person and before I knew it two weeks have gone by without painting!

It felt so good to pick up a brush tonight. Sometimes all we need is a rest. And who knew studying flower remedies would be my rest from painting flowers.