Thank you for being here.  My name is Karen. I was born in London, England and now live just outside Los Angeles, California.

I’ve been painting for about ten years.  I’m mostly self-taught although I’ve taken online and in-person workshops with many instructors such as Jenny Doh, Flora Bowley, Tracy Verdugo, Jaqueline Coates, Kathleen Speranza and many more.  During this time I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like as well as what works and what doesn’t work.  I know I love intuitive painting for creativity and fun but when I want to produce finished artwork I need something else – I need a plan.  I need a plan broken down into small steps where I can work in a linear direction from start to finish.  I’m a typical Virgo (although I always wanted to be an easy-going Libra) and need to have my process mapped out.  I want to know exactly where to start, what is coming next and when I will finish.   

This need for a plan has lead me to create my own method of painting that borrows modified techniques from both watercolor and oil painting.  Since using this technique I’ve made less mistakes and dud paintings and many more completed, finished artworks.

I’m hoping to update this blog with some of my process but in the meantime I’m working on putting all the information together into an online painting workshop. It’s kinda a lot of work and taking some time but I’m hoping the course will be available for the end of 2020.