How to be a Better Artist #1

How to be a Better Artist

How to be a Better Artist #1

What can you do to be a better artist? Here is something that is free and easy and can be used by anyone. It can be for new artists looking for a starting point, those who have been painting for some time and looking for the next step and experienced artists looking for a new direction. I’ve used this method several times and it always gives me focus, clarity and a new direction.

So it goes without saying, if you want to be a good artist, you have to look at art.  Look at lots of art.  Look at good art and bad art.  Look at art in museums and galleries and on the street.  Look at art on book covers and in magazine pages.  Look at the masters and look at kids’ art. 

But don’t just look – ask yourself what do you like about a piece of art?  Is it the subject matter, is it the colors?  Ask yourself what you don’t like about a piece. How does it make you feel and how could it be improved.

Now you’ve been looking at artwork, create a Pinterest account and create a board named ‘I Want to Paint Like’.  When you find a piece of artwork you would like to aspire to add it to the board.  When you have about twenty images or more ask yourself what they all have in common – are they all portraits or landscapes or still life subjects?  Are they oil paintings or watercolor?  Are they collage or missed media, abstract or realism?  Use this information to help you decide what direction you should be going in and your next steps.

Click HERE to see my ‘I Want to Paint Like’ album on Pinterest and discover new artists…